IMO certified prints & material – off-shore ship interior solutions by Kleinhempel

Here at Kleinhempel „Large Format Printing“ isnt all we do; We also do large projects with high expectations. As such qualifies our fitting of cruiseliners, ferries, ships and yachts, with our International Maritime Organization (IMO) certified printing-process. We provide these IMO certified prints on most available materials such as:

Most metals including stainless steel, glass, fiberglasstextiles, films and suspended ceilings. We also offer special applications such as corrugated iron or Lamps.

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As a special service we offer unique designs and provide support for our clients during the conception phase

If needed we provide support in the development of new unique and project based designs, for the implementation into the interior design of luxury-yachts as well as cruiseliners. This way we can provide an additional services, like the akquisition of high quality images or the accomodating process of test prints on various materials throughout the project itself. Our individually adjusted surface coating completes our extensive portfolio in this line of business.

Whether an individual piece, or massproduction, with our certified process we can produce single pieces up to 3,2 x 4 meter and larges pieces in multiple segments. Our flexible materials can be processed up to 5 meters.

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Following you will find details regarding our IMO certified, extremely durable, high quality prints on various materials:


  • Float-Glas, ESG/TSG Glas, Laminated glass, fire protection glass, insulating glass.
  • The print can be placed on the front, back or in between the two panels of laminated glass.
  • Depending on the use, the specialized process to print on glass will be adjusted to each szenario (transparency, ilumination) For the use as a seperator, sections of the print are calibrated individually in order to create high contrasts, while maintaining a certain level of transparency.
  • Fields of use for this are the following: SPA, sauna, hallways, seperators, glass ceilings, kitchens, restaurants and retail shops.
  • The advantages include: High image quality, high durabiity, easy to clean, soundproofing and individual sizing possible up to 2 x 4 meters possible
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi


  • For the use as a wall- or ceiling tile, we use IMO certified white sheets of aluminum, as a base for our IMO certified printing process
  • These panels are available in formats up to 2 x 4 meters
  • For the purpose of posterior edging or canting we reccomend 1mm sheets
  • Our IMO certified coating process renders most available cleaning materials harmless to the print itself and protects the print from regular machanical wear
  • Ideally suited to bring the optic of wood veneers or laminates onto sheets of aluminum in an econimal way
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi

Adhesive vinyl-films

  • Exterior application: Banners and posters
  • Interior application: adhesive films for application on glas and metals. I.e. fridges, shop windows countertops
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi

TRICOLOR printed glass fleece

  • IMO system containing: certified adhesiv, certified glass fleece, certified digital print as well as a certified protective coating
  • Especially suited for application on walls, in hallways, staircases, with individual designs, patterns or images.
  • The material itself is easy to apply, covers small gaps in materials, is water resistant and stays constat in its dimensions.
  • Larger images are seperated into lanes, individually up to 180 cm wide. (Standards include:100cm, 130cm and 150cm)
  • The fleece is precut, and rejoined with a 2 cm overlap per lane.
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi


  • IMO certified print on tiles in decorative designs. Applications such as bathroom installations
  • These tiles are water and friction resistant, however not intended for floor usage.
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi

Stainless steel

  • IMO certified print on sheets of stainless steel for applications such as kitchen settings or special solutions
  • The sheets are printed edge to edge, to cover the stainless steel optic.
  • Edging and canting is possible. Additional information on request
  • Our IMO certified coating process renders most available cleaning materials harmless to the print itself and protects the print from regular machanical wear
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi

Canvas FineArt Print

  • IMO certified print on Canvas for individual designs
  • The IMO certified canvas material hold what the name suggests: A canvas look
  • Printed images on canvas can be brought on frames to create the „artwork-look“
  • IMO certified digital-direct-print 900dpi, 6-color resolution 1200dpi
Further materials
  • HPL laminate
  • mineral plates
  • copper plates
  • Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels
  • Composite materials, z.B. Alucobond ®, Alucore ®
  • Banner stands
  • Backlit graphics

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