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Welcome aboard – IMO certified prints by Kleinhempel

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Here at Kleinhempel “Large Format Printing” isn’t all we do; We also do large projects with high expectations.

As such qualifies our fitting of cruiseliners, ferries, ships and yachts, with our International Maritime Organization (IMO) certified printing-process. We provide these IMO certified prints on most available materials such as:

Most metals including stainless steel, glass, fiberglasstextiles, films and suspended ceilings. We also offer special applications such as corrugated iron or Lamps. As a special service we offer unique designs and provide support for our clients during the conception phase.

IMO certificate Kleinhempel GmbH Germany

If needed we provide support in the development of new unique and project based designs, for the implementation into the interior design of luxury-yachts as well as cruiseliners. This way we can provide an additional services, like the akquisition of high quality images or the accomodating process of test prints on various materials throughout the project itself. Our individually adjusted surface coating completes our extensive portfolio in this line of business.

Whether an individual piece, or massproduction, with our certified process we can produce single pieces up to 3,2 × 4 meter and larges pieces in multiple segments. Our flexible materials can be processed up to 5 meters.

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Following you will find details regarding our IMO certified, extremely durable, high quality prints on various materials:



Adhesive vinyl-films

TRICOLOR printed glass fleece


Stainless steel

Canvas FineArt Print

Further materials